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Library Cards

Library cards are available at no charge to the following:

  • Residents of Union County

  • Property or business owners in Union County

  • Employees of schools in Union County

  • Employees of Union County government or city government agencies in Union County

  • Students, faculty, and staff of USC Union 

  • Newberry County residents through a reciprocal agreement


To get a library card you will need to provide proof of residency, such as a valid driver's license, utility bill, lease or rental agreement. Non-residents will need to provide both proof of current address and proof of eligibility for a free card, such as a student/faculty/staff ID.


Non-Resident library card

Anyone who does not meet one of the criteria listed above may obtain a card for an annual fee based on the amount a Union County resident contributes towards public library service, currently $10.


Parent/guardian is responsible for registering any minors (under 18) for a library card

You can sign up for a library card using this link but you will need to come into the library, with your ID, to pick up your card. 

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