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Computer Use

The Library provides public computers and wireless internet access free of charge to anyone visiting the library. Printing and faxing services are also available and may have a small fee.

Policies Governing Internet Use in the Library

  1. Internet use is managed in a manner consistent with the Library Code of Conduct and Internet Safety Policy that has been adopted by the Union County Carnegie Library Board of Trustees. The Code of Conduct and Internet Safety Policy is posted in the library and available below. 

  2. Signatures on library cards indicate acceptance of the Library Code of Conduct. 

  3. Failure to use computer stations and internet responsibly and appropriately as defined in the Library Code of Conduct and Internet Safety Policy may result in immediate revocation of internet privileges and/or library privileges. Unacceptable use that is illegal can result in criminal prosecution.

Internet Safety Policy

  • An individual user takes full responsibility for complying with copyright laws and software licensing agreements. 

  • Computers are not used to gain access to the library network or the computer systems and networks of others.  Users may not damage or attempt to damage or alter equipment or software. Patrons may not install personal software on library computers.

  • All public use computers are filtered with web filtering software in compliance with Section 16-15-305, South Carolina Code of Laws and the Children’s Internet Protection Act, in order to block access to inappropriate matter. Filters are removed by the library director upon request by an adult conducting bona fide research. 

  • To the extent practical, steps are taken to promote safety and security of users of the Union County Carnegie Library online computer network when using electronic mail, chat rooms, instant messaging, and other forms of direct electronic communications. Specifically, as required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act, prevention of inappropriate network usage includes: (a) unauthorized access, including so-called “hacking,” and other unlawful activities; and (b) unauthorized disclosure, use, and discrimination of personal identification information regarding minors.  To the extent practical, measures are designed to restrict access to materials harmful to minors.

  • Internet access through the library may not be used for financial gain, or for any commercial activities.  Use of credit cards and disclosure of private information on library computers is not recommended. 

  • Gambling and dating sites are not permitted. 

  •  A copy of this policy is provided with explanation to each Internet user.  This policy is posted near all public workstations. 

  • Failure to follow the rules and policies of Union County Carnegie Library as outlined results in the revocation of library privileges.

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